Restoring Our Constitutional Freedoms

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
2 Corinthians 3:17

Welcome to The Freedom Train USA. This is a dedication to solving the critical issues that this nation is facing, but from a more personal perspective. It is “We The People” who will take back this nation and restore it to the greatness that our Founding Fathers gave us. Although many of the issues that we face are appear to be political in nature, they are really spiritual problems, and can only be solved with spiritual solutions. This country was founded as a Christian Nation, but today so many people have turned away God and have rejected the teachings of the Bible. If we do not restore Biblical Morality back into this nation we will continue to slide further down the path of destruction that we are on.

Our problems will not be solved by attempting to change the culture in Washington DC. Grassroots changes at Local and State level is what is needed. In addition to this we need to get control of our Schools and the Media. We need to start to Educate our Children, instead of the Indoctrination that is taking place to today. We need a Media that reports the Real News, not Propaganda that they are feeding us today. When we accomplish these things, we can then REPLACE the Federal Government in Washington DC, with a government “Of The People..By The People.. and For the People.” We need leaders who will follow the Constitution. and the Freedoms that it grants all of us