What does Freedom Really Mean?

By Harold Thiele

Each person in America has a different definition of what Real Freedom means to them. Every generation has a different view on what Real Freedom means to them.

My wife and I sat in a restaurant recently, near a young family with two young children, a boy and a girl, that would be in early grade school, on one side of us, and an older couple on the other side. Note that we are both in our late 60’s.

As I watched and listened to the young couple and their children, I noticed that they seemed to be absorbed into very trivial matters such as who the girl friend and boy friend that these kids had, not that this should be a concern of kids that young. As I sat there my thoughts went to what kind of a life are these parent and children going to have in the near future, with everything that is happening in this country. I wondered how they view all that is happening, or are they so involved with their daily lives that they do not notice nor care that that county is deteriorating right before their eyes.

I then wondered what the older couple’s thoughts on this very subject were, and what their concerns are, since they would have seen the many changes that have and are restricting our freedoms that the constitution grants us, the same freedoms that many of them fought and died for to protect. It seems that the only real group in this nation today that is fighting back against the government restricting our constitutional freedoms at an alarming rate are those that are 50 years and older. Yes, I realize that there are many younger people that are concerned, but the younger they are the fewer that are really concerned. What happens when all of us that are Senior Citizens or those near that age are no longer alive?

The brain washing that is done in what used to be public schools THAT NOW ARE NOTHING BUT PUBLIC INDOCTRINATION CENTERS is used to indoctrinate our young people in the Liberal Marxist Socialist Doctrine. Add to this Radical Environmentalism, that the Gay and Lesbian Life Style is normal behavior, the destruction of Christianity, but supporting Islam, and all other False Religions and False Gods is acceptable, along with all the “If it feels Good Do It”, and you have now several generations that have no Moral Basis to build their lives on. This is what the Liberal Marxist Socialists, have been doing since the late 1960’s, and now they have their agenda of brain washing and destruction in place, so that there is little resistance from the population to their complete destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights so that they can install their Marxist Dictatorship.

Too many people in this country today have bought into the LIE that our Corrupt Government is feeding everyone through their Lame Stream Mafia Media Co-Conspirators that all the destruction of our freedoms is necessary for our safety. Benjamin Franklin said, ” If we give up freedom to gain security, we lose both? That is exactly what is happening in this country. If we as a people do not wake up and smell the roses now, we will never be able to smell the roses again, because once our freedoms are gone, they WILL NEVER RETURN.

The purest form of government is at the lowest or local level. If we are going to turn this nation around, we must start by changing it at the local level, but even though the corruption is rampant at this level as well, this is where we can make a personal difference. From there we can work up or work in conjunction with the county and state governments. We must through all of these levels reinstate the Constitution and Bill or Rights though the Tenth Amendment. We must start the process of taking back from the Corrupt Federal Government, the power that the Constitution grants TO THE PEOPLE.

In addition we must take back control of two very important parts of our society. They are the Education System and the Media. Why are these two areas the most important? These are the two areas that the Liberal Marxist Socialists gradually took over in the last 50 years, to control the thinking and mindset, in the form or MIND CONTROL. We must find the ways to educate the younger adults, so they will start the process of educating their own children, through Home Schooling and other means, until we can change the Public Indoctrination Centers back to Schools that teach critical thinking skills. The survival of this nation is dependent on a society of independent thinking citizens, who understand the Constitution and understand what is morally right and wrong. We must use the internet and all other means of available media, to force our message out. The Liberal Main Stream, or as I call them Lame Steam Mafia Media, only reports or shall I say editorializes the news, reports only the side of the story that benefits their agenda, or does not report it at all. As the First Amendment grants us, we need a FREE and Independent Press that does serious research and then reports the whole truth.

There is a third area that is also important. We must return to the Christian Roots that this nation was founded on. Our Founding Fathers, believed in God of the Bible. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that there is a separation of church and state. It ONLY says that the Federal Government cannot install a State Religion. This separation of church and state concept came about by the courts, in their flawed interpretation of the Constitution. By banning God of the Bible from our schools and every other place in our society, along with the fact that more than half of the last two generations have never set foot in a church, and the fact that many of the Christian Churches and Pastors do not teach from the Bible, we have a society without any moral basis to their lives, so they can be easily brain washed to believe anything that is presented to them.

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